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  • I have a lot of questions before purchasing. What should I do?
    For inquiries or other concerns, we offer a few options: - Book a consultation if you have questions before purchasing - Read the description under any product of interest before moving forward. - Contact our support team
  • Do you still take deposits?
    No. Goddess Graphics no longer accepts deposit fees. All projects must be purchased in full on the site. To view our refund policy, please refer to our policy page.
  • Why do I have to sign a contract after every purchase?
    Great question! Contracts are in place to protect both the client and designer if any issues were to incur. Contracts also help to keep communication clear between the designer and client during any phase of the design process. Goddess Graphics wants to ensure that clients are free of any confusion and that we as an agency can be trusted.
  • Is a one-page website really just one page?
    Yes and No. A one-page website development is focused on just the home page alone. The home page is uniquely customized to capture the attention of your target audience and help drive sales. However, other pages with a basic layout can be set up by the designer if the client is unfamiliar with the general pages that is needed for a website. These pages do not include web banners or complicated themes. If you are interested in other pages with more design elements and themes, you must purchase a 2+ page website.
  • What is the difference between an image-based vs text-based logo?
    image-based logos are visual-focused, whereas text-based are typographic-focused. An image-based logo is a design made up of graphic elements, symbols, or icons that identify with your brand. The company name may not be included, hence the purpose of an image-based 'icon' logo. (ex. KFC's logo is considered image-based because it has Colonel Sanders included in the logo) A text-based logo utilizes typography to spell out your company's name. This includes handmade sketches by the designer or fonts customized by the designer to create something clean and unique. (ex. Google is considered a text-based logo because only custom typography is used in the design)
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